'If you build it, they will come'

David Dhooge & Saar Meganck

A Particular Story

Dhooge and Meganck architecture was founded in 2015 but their expertise goes much further back in time. David and Saar got to know each other at Ghent University, where they both graduated as civil engineer architect (2000-2002).

Saar Meganck (°1979) first worked at Prof. Dr .Ir.- Arch. Firmin Mees, where she actively participated in the reconversion of the Thermal Power Station to the Student House (polyvalent interpretation for events, among others) for UGent and the Museum Center Tour of Flanders in Oudenaarde. She was the first in 2006 to start full-time on the development of her own office.

David Dhooge (°1977) worked at the TV Stéphane Beel - Xaveer De Geyter, after that for more than twelve years as a senior partner for Stéphane Beel Architects (SBA) where he designed and executed numerous projects of all kinds. In 2014 he lead the architects' team for the team DOK9000 (Re-vive, Van Haerents and Van Roey) the competition for the pioneering and sustainable urban development around the Schipperskaai on the site of the Oude Dokken in Ghent (350 homes, 50,000 m²), a pilot project for the city. In addition, he designed and executed, among other things, a series of houses, the new prisons of Beveren and Dendermonde (for BAM-Interbuild-Galère) and for the large-scale passive urban development project Post X in Antwerp (for IRET development, 125,000 m² of passive offices, first phase until 2015).



We stand for personality, honesty and integrity. We are immediately approachable and believe in the professionalism, efficiency and small scale of a traditional company. We believe in architecture with an integral sustainability and a convincing imagination that drives the design. We are fascinated by new technologies, circular economy, the transition to just sustainability and believe that it can be done differently. Now and not later.

We do not ask why, but why not?

We design and realize projects of all sizes: from urban master plans, industrial buildings, offices to residential (apartments, houses, large and small renovations), furniture and even light fittings.

Our work is an endless course of the same, as a broken scenario by David Lynch that seems to make sense.
Out of the ordinary. We look and we do.

Think of something to build it.
Nothing more, but nothing less.