Gents klimaatplan 2014-2019

During the following months the public arena will be finished and made usable as a multi-purpose event space. Besides that, a common kitchen garden will be provided for the community to share experiences with the pickling of vegetables.

Review by Koen Van Synghel in 'De Standaard'

“‘This building doesn’t only know how to turn a factory into an abbey, it is also a built journey throughout architectural history.
Without pretension it writes history itself.”                                                   The full article can be found here.


The architecture of Camp's

The main principles behind the architecture (under construction)

The history behind Camp's

The story of the two founding brothers is to be found here.


The GOLLD label

The opening of the new Camp's site was a day no to be forgotten. Close to a thousand people came to visit the new site and got an introduction into the process and abbey of Camp's.                                                                      More news here.

MASSARBEIT / MAATWERK - exhibition DAM, Frankfurt

Camp's was part of the exhibition MASSARBEIT/MAATWERK in the Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt. Curator Sofie De Caigny invited Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld to do a section on a new generation of architects, named 'Prelude'. More here.


Designing Camp's

The design proces of Camp's in drawings and models (under construction).