Dhooge & Meganck as part of the exhibition for the Trienal De Arquitecture in Lisbon 2019 - WHAT IS ORNAMENT.

The 5th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale will be The Poetics of Reason. This title states that, for all its subjective and non-scientific dimension, architecture does rest on reason, and its aim is to shed light onto the specificity of this reason. Indeed, the fact that architecture is grounded into reason and rationality is key to its being understandable, i.e. shareable, by everyone, and not just by architects. More than ever before, it stands as a condition to define an architecture for our contemporary ordinary condition. As a result of a massification of construction – more buildings have been built since the beginning of the previous century than ever before – such a condition implies that everybody is entitled to understand architecture without a specific background in the field.

Each of the five exhibitions that compose the Triennale 2019 will take up one particular aspect or dimension of this theme, in an attempt to circumscribe the stakes of architectural rationality.

How can ornament be reconsidered today as an integral part of architecture? What is its impact and its value? Can we still talk about ornament as a quantitative or qualitative option? What is Ornament? is an attempt to look for open answers, organized in six rooms. The exhibition’s architecture, realized by Richard Venlet, is anchored to the content of the exhibition but also to the late postmodern architecture of the venue.

David DhoogeComment