Professional Office Management

The office can count on professional support that ensures that every project is continuously monitored from start to finish, in terms of content, finance and planning. For this purpose, the agency is equipped with specialized software such as XATRAX ARCHX and the MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 system, has its own SHAREPOINT PLATFORM that makes sharing documents with clients and contractors easier and more accessible. MICROSOFT PROJECT PRO software that enables dynamic planning models is used for the planning of each project. The bureau is also a member of various professional organizations that provide relevant support, such as the NAV, VIBE and WTCB. In short, the office likes to reach out to a digital future and is currently even exploring VIRTUAL REALITY.

In addition to this internal support, the office can count on years of experience and constructive collaborations with various external engineering firms such as Mouton, Util, Lime, Stedec (stability), VK engineering, Boydens, Tech3 (techniques), Daidalos-Peutz (acoustics, building physics) etc.

Their own years of concrete construction expertise in a very large office, in various projects, supplemented by this broad technical and practical support, ensure that every assignment, whatever scale and budget, can be realized in an extremely professional way - within timing and budget.


Bach & Numbers


Core business model

Every composition by Johann Sebastian Bach can be brought back to a fanatically organized system of numbers, a rational background: pure mathematics.
Dhooge & Meganck strongly believe in this tandem: architecture that is moving and whose figures are right, and this for every budget. Because there is no project without knocking figures. No number, no Bach